Good attendance is key to good progress at school. Learning lost through poor attendance very quickly leads to children falling behind and/or becoming worried and distressed.

The following figures show you how quickly non-attendance becomes an issue for your child’s education:


Above 97%: Less than 6 days absence a year.

Good Attendance

95% : 10 days absence a year.

Satisfactory Attendance

90% : 19 days absence a year.

Persistent Absence

Your child in this group is missing almost a month of school per year.

85% : 29 days absence a year.

Your child in this group is missing almost 6 weeks of school per year.

80% : Your child will miss a year of schooling over five years.


Children missing school can find it difficult to keep up with their peers and also reach their potential. We appreciate there are times when absences are unavoidable but it is important that parents are aware of the impact non-attendance can have on a child’s education. If you need to request absence from school then please complete and return the Leave of Absence form below




If your child is unwell please contact the school as early as possible preferably by e mail at admin@newcangle.co.uk or send a message through the school gateway app or telephone on 01440 702143. If your child has diarrhoea or sickness please allow 48 hours after the last attack before sending them back to school to reduce the risk of infection.