Our School

“Learning for a Changing World”  

At The Cangle we believe that it is our purpose to equip each child for the future, through high expectations and quality learning in a caring environment.


At the Cangle we believe:

Everyone can make progress and succeed.

Learning is a personal experience.

Learning happens all day and every day.

Learning is everyone's responsiblity.


From September 2010 under reorganisation of schools in Suffolk the school began expansion to a 4-11 primary.  We now have 229 pupils in school.  To help us cater for years 5 and 6 additional modular buildings have been built.  We currently have 8 classes as follows:-

Reception Class

Mrs Pollitt &

Mrs Barton


Year 4 Class

Mrs Chandler   



Year 1 Class

Miss Bass


Year 5 Class

Mrs Ricketts &

Miss Mason


Year 2 Class

Miss Sellex


Year 6 Class

Mr T Green


Year 3 Class

Mrs Berry &

Miss East


Year 6 Class

Miss Roach